Haiti, the first black republic, opened the way to Latin America and Africa to freedom and independence.

Today, the characteristics of this country, which does not stop to amaze us is corruption, misery and mediocrity.

Education seems to us to be the most effective weapon to combat these scourges. To get there, we need your financial support and tecnique.


The Cosmos Foundation is a Haitian organization responsible for the management of several activities implemented in the Central Plateau of Haiti by the Swiss association Haiti-Cosmos.

It manages in particular a high school (Bethesda College), a network of health centers (dispensaries Cosmos), a laboratory producing herbal medicines (Phyto Cosmos laboratory) and a polytechnic university (University Jean Price-Mars, Hinche).

Board of directors

MARTINEAU, Leslie Engineer, Lawyer
BREA, Frantz Emanuel Doctor Néotatologie, ethnologist
RENARD, André Former Mayor of Hinche
BEAUGE, Yves Périclès Agronomist, economist
CHARLES, Wesley Jusriste theologian. administrator
JOSEPH, Walner Lawyer, political scientist, prosecutor
FRANCOIS, Jean Claude Doctor of Economics, reviewer
MARTINEAU, Eberne Doctor in Psychiatry and Gynaecology